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NACC Mission Statement

The Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce supports and strengthens our investors and the Northmont area by promoting diverse economic opportunities through advocacy, building relationships between the community, schools, businesses and government, providing timely information and developing leaders for the future. 

NACC Vision Statement

To be a driving force in the development of commerce and to improve the quality of life in the Northmont area.

Who are our investors? 

Business investors of the Northmont Area Chamber's roster range from small stores to large industrial and financial institutions. Among our Chamber investors are representatives from a wide range of professional categories. You can view the diverse list of investors in our Business Directory

How does the Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce function?

The Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce is responsible to its investors. The Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce has a Board of Directors elected from its investors. Our Executive Board Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian and Immediate past President.  These two bodies, together with staff recommendations determine Chamber policy. 

How is the Chamber financed? 

The Northmont Area Chamber's budget depends entirely on the financial investments of its investors. Financial investments range from base investments to sponsorship of our various events. 

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