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planning commission

n.r.p.c. is the Economic Development Initiative partnership between the Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce and Northmont City Schools. 

Along with the five municipalities that make up Northmont we are also working with Northmont businesses and community members to form a strong plan for Northmont's future. 

One of the ways nrpc works within northmont is through our northmont area chamber foundation. to learn more about the foundation click below. 

Northmont Veteran Banners

Would you like to honor a Northmont Veteran? Our Veteran program provides an opportunity to do so. 


Veteran banners are displayed on the lamp posts along US 48/ Main St. throughout the Cities of Clayton and Englewood. 

Banners are printed in full color, double sided, and are displayed from May through November each year. 

Each banner will be displayed for 4 years total and then offered back to the person who originally requested the banner. This is due to wear and tear from the weather and sun. 

Banners are $210 each.

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