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Why Invest? 

Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce offers multiple reasons to invest. Investing in the Chamber is investing in the future of your business. Besides our over 50 events a year, 200 investors, and lots of opportunities to network and connect;  Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce also offers multiple business benefits for you and your employees. 

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Chamber Connections


The Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce jointly with Northmont City School District formed the Northmont Regional Planning Commission. NRPC is our local economic development advocacy committee. NRPC's goal is to be a driving force to move out area forward.

Local, State and Federal Government: Our chamber is part of multiple advocacy groups in partnership with the Dayton Chamber, Ohio Chamber and US Chamber of Commerce to move forward legislation benefitting our local businesses.

Workforce Development:

The Chamber works closely with Northmont City Schools to develop the next generation of talent for your businesses. There are multiple touch points throughout each school year for your business to connect with Northmont students, help them explore careers in your field and recruit for the near and far future.

SOCA benefit plan

SOCA offers a a self-funded medical benefit plan aimed at sole proprietors and small employers with 2 to 50 employees. The SOCA Benefit Plan is a multiple employer welfare arrangement. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield provides claims administration and stop loss protection. Participating employers are required to maintain membership with a Chamber of Commerce that is authorized to offer the Plan.

Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Southern Ohio Chamber Coalition and fully authorized to offer the SOCA Benefit Plan.

NACOC is proud to partner with SAXON Insurance to offer our investors this benefit.  To learn more click the buttons below.

soca pooled employer plan

Under the SECURE Act, the first significant retirement-related legislation in more than a decade, employers can offer retirement plans to their employees through a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP). 


A PEP, available January 2021, is a new kind of defined contribution plan similar to the 401(k) plans offered by individual employers, but with many advantages for your business and your employees.


NACOC is proud to partner with Newport Group to offer our investors this benefit. 

chamber energy program

Community Energy Advisors (CEA) is a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) certified energy management firm that educates and empowers organizations to maximize the economics of their energy assets.  By staying one step ahead of changes in the energy industry and utilizing analytics, advanced tariff modeling and reporting, CEA delivers a multitude of energy management solutions that positively impact customers’ bills.

NACOC is proud to partner with Community Energy Advisors to offer our investors this benefit.

strategic hr

Strategic HR inc. is an outsourced HR management firm working with organizations that have a lean HR or no HR department. Our HR experts partner with you to support some or all of your HR needs, without adding headcount.

We’ve been providing customized human resources and recruiting expertise to organizations of all sizes since 1995, and we’re proud to be recognized as a leader in our industry.

NACOC is proud to partner with Strategic HR to offer our investors this benefit.

workers compensation

Hunter Consulting Company   provides comprehensive consulting and claims administration in the area of Workers’ and Unemployment Compensations.


This benefit can add to your competitive edge in today's complex market.


For over 50 years, Sedgwick has been helping employers navigate Ohio’s workers’ compensation system, providing services to help them control claim-related costs and reduce premiums. Our team includes the experienced colleagues from CompManagement and CareWorks Comp. 

NACOC is proud to partner with Hunter Consulting Group and Sedgwick to offer our investors this benefit.

self insured workers compenstation plan

Teamworx is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), we process payroll, taxes, workers’ comp, and unemployment, as well as providing labor advice and safety services to our clients. 

NACOC is proud to partner with Teamworx to offer our investors this benefit. 

us bank
credit card processing

Today, customers want you to accept payments a number of ways – in store, online, over the phone or mobile wallet. This doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, which is where Elavon can help. Elavon offers a simple, cost effective payment processing program, all backed by the highest standard of customer service. 

NACOC is proud to partner with Elavon US Bank Credit Card Processing to offer our investors this benefit.

legal & identity protection

We believe every family and every business deserves affordable legal and identity theft protection. Including you. No matter how traumatic or trivial your situation, and no matter how large or small your business, we are here to help.

NACOC is proud to partner with Legal Shield to offer our investors this benefit. 

Offer the northmont bolts card

As a Chamber member you can choose to take part in the Northmont Bolts Card Program. The Bolts card is a community gift card, provided for purchase by the Chamber, and redeemable at participating businesses.  ​ Purchase Bolts Cards for your employees too!  ​ How it works: Community member purchases a Bolts card - that person can then go shopping and use the gift card at any Chamber business that is part of the program. With the Bolts card you can go clothes shopping, grab lunch, get a coffee and more!  ​ Go here to become a participating business: 

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